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Khorasan Razavi Police Chief Visit

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Sardar Taghavi, commander of Khorasan Razavi Police Force, in a joint meeting with the president of the board of directors of the Maghsoud Factories Group and a group of executives of this group, pointed out that the creation of a favorable environment to achieve legal daily bread of thousands of people, which will make the economic security of many families and prevent many abnormalities, is of great importance, and the provincial police also appreciate the efforts.

The Police chief of the Province, who attended Maghsoud Group together with a group of deputies, on Tuesday, June 11, to visit the activities of subsidiaries and to familiarize with the latest manufactured products, while referring to the positive view of the provincial administration complex to entrepreneurs and producers, announced that the approach of Police Force is the delivery of “service” and stated that “deterrence” of the Police Force is focused to criminals and violators. Sardar Taghavi said that the shortcomings in support of production were due to deviations from the performance by some people and said: “At macro level, support for this important area is at the agenda of the activities of all the managerial departments of the province.”

While stating that the police are authoritatively doing their duties in a calm atmosphere without tension, he emphasized that this authority is not and will not be rooted in anger and wrath. Sardar Taghavi considered the use of the capacities of the manufacturing and industrial sectors essential to reduce crime and anomalies in the province and hopefully expressed that this capacity would be well utilized in cooperation with the political, security and judicial managements of the province with great entrepreneurs.

At the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of the Maghsoud Factories Group, while outlining the ongoing activities and the group’s creative and developmental plans, emphasized the necessity to pay attention to the rights of entrepreneurs such as the rights of ordinary citizens. While pointing to the amount of fixed investment in large manufacturing groups, Mr. Imani considered the proper attention of organizations such as Taxation Affairs Organization and Social Security Organization to this issue and abstaining from implementing the debts entrepreneurs to be essential.

While appreciating the strong police force of the province, especially the police commander of Khorasan Razavi, he requested for attention to the name of the year, not as a slogan, but as the order of the year, and announced it would be ineffective to hold conferences, seminars, screenings outdoor advertising, and so on in this regard. The chairman of the board of directors of the Maghsoud Factories Group described the lack of attention to the supreme leader’s intentions in naming the years as “rising unemployment”, “increasing the number of cases in the judiciary” and “crowding prisons”. He emphasized that the best way to rehabilitate prisoners and offenders would be to use the capacities of production sectors and employment of these people.

At this meeting, Hojatoleslam Taghavi, the ideological and political head of the provincial police chief, while expressing the issues on the importance of work and entrepreneurship in the province, also praised the efforts of the chairman of the board of directors of Maghsoud Group.
At the end of the meeting, Sardar Taghavi and his companions visited the group companies, and a text was recorded and lasted by the police commander of Khorasan Razavi in the special memorial office of the Maghsoud Factories Group.

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