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Azin Ara Shanli Company

Azin Ara Shanli Company

Azin Ara Shanli Company, with a rich reserves of design, ideas, and actions, with a long-term and thoughtful goal-setting, began its activity in the field of clothing production in 2013. Design and production of a variety of clothing with the state-of-the-art technology is done with the aim of domestic and export use, including the production of men’s suits, women’s sweatshirts pants, work clothes, jackets, overalls, men’s shirts, jeans, types of coats, and other product sewing supplies.

By applying the latest industrial systems and implementing the most advanced technologies in the production of clothing, Azin Ara Shanli Company seeks to achieve goals such as protecting the environment, equipping schools, promoting a high-quality Iranian product consumer culture, and improving individual and social health through the production of natural fiber garments. In the national capital conservation plan, we also tried to use Iranian raw materials in the production of products.

The mission of this company is to design and manufacture the best clothes and supply to our dearest compatriots, by preserving the valuable history, civilization, and culture of the past in our country and mixing it with the state-of-the-art technology and knowledge so that the compatriots do not need to buy foreign similar goods.

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