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Sepideh Jam Toos Company

Sepideh Jam Toos Company

Sepideh Jam Toos Company started its activities in 2005 based on the production of dining and kitchen utensils with non-transparent opaque glass (made of opal glass).

The products of Sepideh Jam Toos Company include non-transparent and opaque glass with brand IROPAL, which is produced in various body types, consisting of round hinged, lotus, shellfish, classic round, classic rectangle, screw body, jeweled body, laden body, screw rectangular body, modern rectangle, gold edges (all bodies), round color body (new design). Because of its quality and technology, the company is the largest unit of its kind in the Middle East.

Compared to other similar products such as porcelain, opal dishes have many advantages including light-weight production, high impact, and longevity, convenient and safe use in kitchen equipment (dishwashers and ovens), and is more hygienic. Moreover, due to its unique properties such as appearance, diverse designs and layouts, relative thermal shock, high mechanical strength and wear resistance, opal dishes are nowadays facing with wide welcoming as dining utensils.

The achievements of Sepideh Jam Toos Company in the past year …
  1. Designing and manufacturing golden rim items with perfect baking on opal products
  2. Increasing the efficiency of production completion units up to the packaging stage
  3. Improving the baking conditions and increasing the quality of the final product
  4. Accessing technical knowledge for performing hot repairs on furnaces
  5. Creating diversity in designs, bodies, and unparalleled welcoming of market from new designs
  6. Implementing and executing the self-control system
  7. Improving the opacity and color of product
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